Curtis F. Shepard
is NGLTF's Campus Organizer.  Prior to taking this position, Curt, who earned his
Ph.D. in Education from UCLA in 1989, served as the executive director of the California Campus Com 
pact, an organization of college and university presidents and chancellors dedicated to promoting student
community service, and as a research associate for UCLA's Student Affairs Information and Research
Office, an in house research consulting group responsible for assessing student experiences and the deliv 
ery of student services within the University.  While on the UCLA staff, Curt co founded and was a mem 
ber of the steering committee for the UCLA Lesbian and Gay Faculty/Staff Network.  Curt was a mem 
ber of the NGLTF Board of Directors for four years, serving as co chair from 1991 to 1993. 
Felice Yeskel, Ed.D.
has been an activist, author and educator for many years, working in various social
change movements including the women's movement and the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender
movement, as well as movements for peace, students' rights and anti intervention.   She was founder and
has been the director of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst Stonewall Center (formerly the Pro 
gram for Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Concerns) for over a decade.  She is also an adjunct faculty member
of the Social Justice Education Program of the UMass School of Education where she has taught both
graduate and undergraduate courses on racism, sexism, classism, anti Semitism and heterosexism.  Felice
is also the co director of DiversityWorks, Inc., an organization of social justice educators that works with
a variety of organizations including colleges and universities, social service agencies, religious groups
and political organizations.  Her areas of expertise include diversity training, multi cultural organization 
al development, conflict resolution, leadership development, and team building.  She is currently the co 
coordinator of Share the Wealth, a national organization that seeks to focus public attention on the widen 
ing inequality in our country and the social costs of this disparity to our economy, politics and culture.
Charles Outcalt
is the Director of UCLA's LGBT Resources Office.  Immediately before coming to
UCLA, he served briefly in the Department of Public Policy at the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Com 
munity Services Center.  Before that, he was a graduate student at Harvard University, where he co 
chaired the university wide LGBT Leadership Council, and at the University of Chicago, where he wrote
on lesbian identity and experience.  As an undergraduate at Michigan State University he founded the
HIV Civil Liberties Appeal, a student group dedicated to protecting the rights of the HIV positive.
Kevin Creed
, production intern, began his involvement with the NGLTF and this manual in the Spring
of 1995 through the UCLA LGBT Resources Office.  He has enjoyed working with Curt Shepard at the
NGLTF and is proud of what has been accomplished in the creation of this book, which he believes is an
invaluable resource to the youth of the lgbt community.
Alex Zaphiris
, photographer, is a UCLA alumna.  Her photographs have been published and exhibited
throughout Los Angeles.  She savors ripe Hachiya persimmons and currently works in film production.
Rose Masterpol
, photographer, has exhibited throughout Southern California.  She is the in house graph 
ic designer for the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Community Services Center.
Special thanks also to Rachel Timoner, Beth Barrett, Kerry Lobel and Dr. John D'Emilio of NGLTF's Pol 
icy Institute; Dean Ellerbush, production volunteer; Dave Shpall of UCLA; Beth Zemsky of the Univer 
sity of Minnesota and Ronni Sanlo of the University of Michigan for their invaluable contributions to this


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